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Black Magic A/W

Contemporary Swimwear

Black Magic is a mini swimwear collection I designed, illustrated, patterned, fit, and constructed. I was inspired by fortune telling and old macabre horror. I found intrigue in looking at oddities and paranormal instruments, such as an Ouija Board. The British band The Arctic Monkeys sing a song called "Arabella" and the lyrics inspired the silver swimsuits. This was my first attempt working with knits and creating swimwear. After doing this project I learned how much I enjoy creating statement swimwear and working with knits.

To the right are excerpts from my design journal and process developing the collection. I included some of my rough thumbnails which I quick sketched to show how I come to my final design choices. I always visualize different fabrications while creating these quick sketches. Also pictured are some of the fashion illustrations I drew for the collection.

Photos by Carsen Sikyta

Models Maddison Clements and Ellen Erchul

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