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Black mamba A/W 

Contemporary ready-to-wear

Black Mamba is an A/W high fashion, contemporary sportswear collection for the 21st century girl boss. The collection aims to empower bold women, primarily in their twenties and thirties, but does not restrict age. The collection channels inspiration from Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill into a girl squad, femme fatale vibe. Through statement pieces and bold colors the collection accentuates the feminine curves, while maintaining an edge. Black Mamba uses a large range of strong textures, high contrast colors, print mixing, and embroidered patches to make sure the wearer is unforgettable in any environment. Zipper pulls, pockets, and linings add the much desired details every woman seeks in a garment. The Black Mamba woman is ready to conquer the patriarchy in her tracksuit. 

To the right is a mood board of images that inspired the collection. Below are my hand drawn illustrations of the collection and my merchandised line list of technical flats created in Illustrator. The pricing was achieved through calcuating markup wholesale and retail pricing. Lastly, I have a map of my consumer and her demographics and psychographics. 

Photos by Aaron Ottis.

Models: Alexandra Martin, Brittany Spiva, Issa Buck, Madelyne Allen, Tia Baker, Tiffany Schmidt. 

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