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Gonzo A/W 

Contemporary ready-to-wear

"Gonzo" is the mini collection I designed for my Contemporary Sportswear course in the fall of 2016. For this collection, I was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the artwork of Ralph Steadman. While developing and researching this concept, I became highly interested in what Thompson writes about the disenchantment of the American dream and the symbolism you see of this idea throughout his book and the movie adaptation.I tried to represent this through the jacket, pictured to the right. After research and developing a process book, I designed 7 looks with croquis and hand rendered fashion figures. An industry professional reviewed my looks and chose the two I went forward with. I patterned these looks, fitted them to a live model, and constructed them. 

Models: Bella Lightner and Molly Wallace

Photos by Aaron Ottis

My illustrations and technical flats I created for this collection. Throughout my process I found that some of my preliminary ideas could be better through small design changes. My work is constantly evolving and this showcases some of that process.

Here are some of my presentation boards I presented to an industry professional in a critique. I described my consumer and used mood images to correlate my vision to the critic. To the left is an excerpt from my design journal showing the development of my concept.

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