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Eat-your-heart-out Flares

It's been far too long since I've posted. The weather in Missouri is as wild as ever, with weather in the 70's and snow this week. When the weather permits, I've been basking in the early Spring sunshine. I was weary about trying flare jeans since I am a strictly skinny jean type of girl. Turns out they are incredibly flattering if you have curvy thighs and a bug butt. As someone who hasn't always embraced their curves, I was also uncertain about these pants because they are so long and I am extremely short, but they hit the perfect length with the right size heel. I love finding denim that flatters you and fits lengthwise. I paired the denim with an off-the-shoulder ruffled top, peep-toe booties, and a long flowy cardigan for a bohemian vibe. P.S. I know my fly is unzipped. Unfortunate.

Stay curious. Audrey Renee Complete your look with my styling:

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