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Booties Were Made for Walkin'

Thanksgiving 2018 is over and I'm more stuffed than ever and still no better about my blogging consistency! With the arrival of the holidays I think it's important to talk about body image. I personally struggle with loving my body and can't help comparing myself to the famous bloggers I see around Instagram. It's easy to start guilting yourself especially during this time of year when there is an abundance of good food that is not-so-good for your body. Working to love my body is an every day challenge and I usually lose, but every day is a new day. It is so unfair to compare yourself to the edited versions of people's lives, especially those with money and resources we're not privileged to have. But it is a time of thankfulness and gratitude, and I am grateful for my body that carries me through every day and is high functioning.

I am 5'2" and have a naturally curvier build. I have cellulite and I definitely don't have a 6 pack. I am not here to conform, but to prove that beauty is not defined by numbers or waistlines. And I won't lie, I was scared to wear this particular look because of the insecurities I feel surrounding my body. But looking at photos, I feel empowered, beautiful, and proud.

Here's to wearing what makes you feel beautiful, regardless of your size and eating as many Christmas cookies as you damn well please.

Current music recommendation: Citizen "As You Please"

Stay Curious,

Audrey lockwood

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Photography by Larissa McCarty

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