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Fluff with Flare

As any Missouri resident knows, our weather is constantly changing. One day it's an all out blizzard and the next it's sunny and warm. This fluffy coat is a perfect lightweight jacket for when it's cold, but not too cold. I wear it all the time and it adds a glam element to any look. I snagged it for $18 at Ross and paired it with my leopard print booties, flare jeans, and Milky Chance band tee. By the way, if you've never been to Ross it's. definitely worth checking out. I found a ton of cute stuff from their Juniors section at unbelievable prices!

Stay curious,

Audrey Lockwood

Recreate this look with my suggestions:

Photographs by Larissa McCarty

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Take a glimpse through my looking glass with curations of my own personal style and my endeavors as a young fashion designer. 

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