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70s Ruffles

Hola friends! Can you believe how warm this summer is? Every time I step outside I start melting! Lately I’ve been working as an Assistant Sales Manager at Dillard’s and am super excited to say that within a month I got promoted to Visual Merchandising Manager of the store! I’m also currently working on my next collection for KC Fashion Week, “Margot & Susie,” which will be the first official installation of my brand Devil Doll. Funny story, the name Devil Doll was what my parents called me when I was little and yet it still describes me perfectly! I can’t wait to show you all the latest collection! Today we’re talking ruffles. I can’t get enough of the flouncy ruffle trend. When I saw this silky dress on clearance at Dillard's I had to have it. I will say that the front of the wrap dress is kind of odd and definitely accentuates my chest a bit more than I’d like, but we can work with it. I paired it with my favorite clothing item: booties, of course. This pair is velvet and I scored them for a great price at Old Navy! I also used one of my Great Grandmothers vintage scarves to belt it. The scarf has a great print on it and tassels for added flare. The color matching or orange and blue really gave it a groovy vibe that I’ve always been crazy for. Experimenting with color and accessories can really complete any outfit. Side note: there’s this misconception that Dillard’s doesn’t have cute clothing, but they really really do. Promise. It’s a hidden gem. My current music recommendation is Teenage Wrist. I’m obsessed with their sound. It’s like a 90’s grunge meets 2000s rock meets 2018. I have their album Chrome Neon Jesus on repeat. Check it out here: Stay Curious, AUDREY LOCKWOOD

Complete this look with my suggestions: Ruffled Wrap Dress Booties Tassel Scarf Sunnies Photo by Bella Lightner

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