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Winter Skater Chic


Winter is clearly in effect, as we all freeze to death every time we walk outside. It’s hard to complain when you got a White Christmas though!

This look is a fairly simple one, but reminds me of middle school and high school when I would get constant comments on wearing dresses and skirts in the winter. I’d hear people say “aren’t you freezing,” “don’t you know it’s winter,” and “why are you wearing that?” It was incredibly frustrating, but I’d just respond with, “Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean style has to stop.” Seriously, my legs can handle the cold for a few minutes as long as I’m wearing some cute tights.

I actually live for the time of year when I can layer clothes and slip into a cute pair of tights. There is something about black hosiery that is so chic to me. This look is simple, but details like the high collar turtleneck and velvet booties add just enough flair to make it stand out. These booties were a total impulse buy, I might add. I saw them and couldn’t say no. We all know I have a boot obsession.

I did a test run for a little promo video for my blog post this time and it features some Tame Impala. This is one of my favorite bands of the 2010’s and one of the best live shows I’ve seen in all my life (which is saying something). The mix of old eclectic 60s vibes with a newer take on a more alternative pop is fantastic. It always maintains that trippy retro feel that I love. I’m eagerly awaiting some new music. Check out some of the latest Tame Impala here:

Thanks for reading and looking at an awkward picture of me by one of my favorite KC burger joints! There’s always room for a Town Topic shoutout in my blog.

Stay curious,

Audrey Lockwood

Recreate my look with these suggestions:

Photos by Larissa McCarty.

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