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Groovy Oleg Cassini

Happy 2018 friends!

I cannot believe 2017 has already come and gone. 2017 was overall a very challenging year for me, but I am choosing to reflect on the best parts. While it was tough, 2017 had so many moments of bliss--moments where you can't believe how amazing it feels to be alive and you feel like you're the star of an ethereal indie movie. Those are the moments worth focusing on. So let's leave the moments of hardship in the past, only bringing forward the ways they strengthened us. I am incredibly proud of the things I achieved in 2017, so here's a short list of my favorite parts of 2017:

  • I attended my first YMA FSF Gala in New York City as a 2017 scholarship recipient. The keynote speaker was Michael Strahan and Martha Stewart was also in attendance.

  • I created my first ever swimwear in a mini collection. It was inspired by the Arctic Monkeys "Arabella" and tarot cards. You can view the looks in my Design & Portfolio tabs.

  • I spent Spring Break in Puerto Rico with my dear friend and fellow designer Antonio Arocha.

  • I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams.

  • I saw my contemporary sportswear, swimwear collection, and pattern making ensemble walk in the 2017 Collections at Stephens College.

  • I designed, patterned, and fit my senior collection which will premier this April.

  • I worked my first internship at Kohl's corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and learned a lot.

  • I won multiple scholarships, including the AFFAUSSS and Joy Scholarships.

  • I saw so much great live music (Black Angels, B52's, the Gorillaz, Portugal. The Man) and created lifelong memories with my closest friends.

  • Lastly, I won the YMA FSF Scholarship for a second time! (I just got back and the keynote speaker was Christian Siriano, introduced by Coco Rocha! Martha Stewart and Danielle Brooks were also in attendance.)

I look back on these achievements and remember the moments where I felt like I wouldn't make it to 2018. My resilience and tenacity were strongly tested in 2017, but I am so glad because it only strengthened me and led me towards the incredible future awaiting me. I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.


I have to say, this is one of my favorite looks I have shot since I started blogging. My amazing friend Brittany Bailey is so talented and I am lucky that she always wants to collaborate with me.

I am wearing actual vintage Oleg Cassini in these photos. The green dress is absolutely incredible and probably dates to the mid-1970's (one of my favorite eras of fashion). I work on my college campus as an assistant archivist in our Costume Museum and Research Library. Yearly we have a sale for old items and I was lucky enough to get first pick. Of course I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I truly believe that shopping vintage is the best place to get one-of-a-kind items and outfit inspiration. I paired this look with groovy glasses and booties from Topshop that remind me of a former Dior bootie.

Currently I'm bumping the latest singles Jack White released and I am obsessed. The man can do no wrong. He is musical genius. Listen to his new single here:

Stay curious,

Audrey Lockwood

Recreate my look with these suggestions:

Amazing photography by Brittany Bailey. Check out her work on her website

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