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2 Wayz: Formal Dress Edition

For this look I wanted to repurpose a formal dress. Most of the time these expensive dresses get worn once and then thrown in the back of your closet, but they can be used as a super luxe maxi. It’s all about the right accessories. I paired it with an Obey graphic tee, Dr Martens for an edgy flare, and a printed jacket for a bold look. Add a fun purse and some sunnies to top it off. Big statement earrings are a must with every look. You can’t see mine very well in these, but I’m wearing bright red tassel earrings!

Stay curious,

Audrey Lockwood

Complete your look with my recommendations:

Photos by Bella Lightner.

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Take a glimpse through my looking glass with curations of my own personal style and my endeavors as a young fashion designer. 

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