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Cherry Bomb

Lately I have been thinking a lot about curation and how people define their own style. I realized that I strongly feel opposed to curating my personal life and style. I refuse to limit my style to one genre or label. I'm over this idea that we have to fit a cookie cutter instagram feed and have our presets set to perfection. I want to see real life art, creativity, and fashion that doesn't flow from one day to the next because life isn't that simple. It all goes back to having an authentic, unedited narrative. So in this instagram age my feed and blog will never just have one mood and neither will my style which changes with the weather.

Recently I went to Amelia's, a boutique that has several locations within the KC metro area. I absolutely love this gingham dress I got, although I will say I am disappointed in the fabric quality. After wearing it only once the side seam began fraying. I layered it with a t-shirt because we all know I'm all about layers. The red sock booties are some of my absolutely favorite booties that I scored for a super good price at Target. I finished the look with red lips (my staple), a red belt to cinch the waist, and a cabby hat. I love this look because it shows how easily a sundress can be made edgy.

Currently I am stuck on early Smashing Pumpkins records. I got to surprise my best friend with tickets to see them recently and it was by far one of the best shows I have ever been to. I saw them about 10 years ago, as well, with my parents and I fondly remember the drunken conversation my dad had from stage to audience with Billy Corgan. I felt like I had so much more appreciation for them this time around, especially since James Iha toured with them this time. Few bands play for 3 and a half hours straight, but they did. The Smashing Pumpkins are extremely profound musicians and I will always have a strong connection and love for their music. Listen to my favorite critically acclaimed album by them here:

Stay Curious,

Audrey Lockwood

Recreate this look with my suggestions:

Photography by Bella Lightner

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