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These photos are honestly some of my favorite to date. An old friend Makayla Allen took these beautiful photos of me and I’m simply in love with them. I feel like she captured so much emotion in the photos and they really depict who I am. For this shoot I wore one of my all-time favorite dresses from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection that came out last year. A little late, I know. I absolutely adore the simple collar details and I feel like a witch from AHS Coven meets Alice in Wonderland. Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Alice, hence the blog name. I paired the look with a Topshop hat and suede pink booties from Forever 21. I saw the stars all over the shoes and knew I had to have them. It’s a very simple and understated look, but I feel like it is the most ‘Audrey’ outfit. Currently I am listening to Movements. I have a tendency to love everything in the ethereal, soft boy, emo genre. I just came up with the name, but this describes bands like Turnover, Citizen, Balance and Composure, From Indian Lakes, etc. I actually just purchased tickets to see them with, ironically enough, Turnover, Citizen, and The Story So Far in Chicago this fall. Clearly I can’t get enough, 10/10 recommend. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PedACuLiMxU If you need an incredible photographer check out Makayla’s work on her website and follow her Instagram @makaylajadephotography! Her photos make me feel so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! Stay Curious, Audrey Lockwood Complete your look with my suggestions: Collared Dress Booties

Hat Photography by Makayla Allen

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