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Grayscale Florals

Soaking up this absolutely incredible spring weather that I've waited so long for. This dress is actually from fall of last year from Old Navy. It's a great transitional piece because it's a darker floral, but paired with cream accessories makes a great spring outfit. The lace-up flats, belt, jewelry, and over-the-shoulder purse are all from Gap Factory. I shop Old Navy and Gap Factory (where I work) a lot, not only because of my great discount, but because they are affordable and have the cutest florals. I'm clearly always obsessed with floral.

Style tip: Try pairing a darker fall/winter floral with bright colors and accessories to make a new spring look instead of having to buying a new outfit.

Music recommendation: LA DIVINE by Cold War Kids. Got to see them play again last month at the Blue Note and they never disappoint. This new album is fresh and powerful.

Stay curious,

Audrey Renee

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