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April Accessory Essentials

I thought I would share my absolute favorite beauty products and accessories I've been using this spring. I'll walk you through why I'm loving each product and where to find them.

I am a huge fan of all Tarte products and got this blush in a Sephora rewards gift. It adds the perfect little flush to your cheeks in this great spring weather and really does stay on all day.

One of my absolute favorite ways to complete an outfit lately are tying small vintage scarves around my neck with a dress or top. It adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with a retro vibe. The best ones I've found are from vintage boutiques and thrift stores! Try this styling and I promise you'll feel like Sandy from Grease. Style tip: you can also tie it on the strap of a purse for multi-purpose uses and to give your purse a free custom update!

I am absolutely obsessed with these fake aviator glasses and I've been seeing them everywhere. They are so seventies and I am crazy about them. The pair I got from Muse boutique in Columbia, Missouri are so great that I'm actually considering getting them filled with my prescription!

As we all know this isn't a new phenomenon, but if you've never tried this mascara before I highly recommend it. It's easily in my top five, if not my favorite mascara. It adds a ton of volume and thickness without tearing out a bunch of eyelashes when you remove it. It also never looks clumpy. Plus all Too Faced packaging makes me feel like a total princess.

Okay, let me rave for a minute here. Out of all of these products, the Rimmel Provocalips is by far my favorite item. It has quickly become one of my favorite matte lipsticks of all time. It stays on for hours. I am serious. I can put it on at 5 pm and after a night of eating, drinking, and kissing it stays on when I wake up the next morning. It is the longest lasting lipstick I have ever used. My mom and I are so crazy about it we both bought about 10 tubes total. There are great colors and it's totally affordable. Best drug store lippy I have yet to come by and it's only $7!

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love all things and everything cute, especially bunnies. This super cute porcelain bunny figurine was only $3 in the Target dollar section and has adorable gold leafing for the ears. It adds the perfect Easter decor to a busy girl's room.

Fragrances and perfumes are something I can never get enough of. Tokyo Milk is one of my favorite brands to buy beauty products from. The packaging is beautiful and absolutely to die for and the fragrances are elegant and unique. It is by far one of my favorite brands at Sephora to splurge on. There are tons of Tokyo Milk Dark perfumes that I'd highly recommend and they're every bit worth the cost.

I personally live for cross-body bags and the cream one I got at Gap Factory (pictured in my Grayscale Floral post) was only $12! I love how the color matches almost everything and it's the perfect bag for going out. Click on the title for the link to the bag, still on sale!

Thanks for reading about my favorite items this April! I'm not getting paid to sponsor them so I really hope you are inspired to try them out!

Stay curious,

Audrey Renee

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Take a glimpse through my looking glass with curations of my own personal style and my endeavors as a young fashion designer. 

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