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Down with My Demons

Week 2 of my internship is going wonderfully. I am incredibly excited for Portugal. The Man's new album to drop tomorrow. The highlight of my week was seeing them play my first show in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater.

In this post I'm wearing the brand Sketchy Tank which I'm currently obsessed with. I would buy every item they sell if I could. I paired it with jeans I got for under $5 at Savers. I love personalizing my thrift store denim. For these I cut them and dyed them with bleach. If you do this be careful how long you submerge them since the bleach damages the fabric and makes it very fragile.

I love these thigh high fishnets from Adore Me, but unfortunately they don't stay up without garters. I'd recommend finding a pair with no slip elastic so you are constantly pulling them up.

Style tip: experiment with denim from your local thrift store. Try stitching on patches, dip dyeing with Rit dye, adding ric rac, or dipping in bleach. It's so much fun to get creative with your clothing & no one else will have it.

& check our Portugal. The Man's new album Woodstock dropping tomorrow!

Stay curious,

Audrey Renee

Complete your look with my suggestions:

Photographs by my Momma. ❤️

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