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Still catching up on my blog posts, but I scored this romper in April from Glik's Boutique in Columbia, Missouri. It's definitely one of my favorite boutiques in Columbia and is affordable which is key.

Embroidery is obviously widely trending right now and I absolutely love it. I think it's still pretty classic although it's everywhere in high fashion. It's the kind of detail that won't be outdated for a while. If you follow my blog you also know I live for rompers with bell sleeves. For girls with an hour glass curvy shape like me, I find it most flattering with an accentuated waist, wide short legs, & drapey sleeves.

This romper is easily transitioned from a day piece to a great outfit for the bars. I paired it with these crimson Topshop booties, reminiscent of Dior's slick vinyl boots.

Woodstock by Portugal. The Man dropped on Friday and it's everything I'd hoped for. Go give it a listen and get lost in some 60's vibes!

Stay curious,

Audrey Renee

Complete your look with my suggestions:

Photos by Carsen Sikyta

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