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Girls Invented Punk Rock

I can't believe it's August already and I only have one week left in my internship. Milwaukee and I have had our ups and downs, but I have loved exploring this city.

For a city that can be in-your-face and bold like Milwaukee, you need a bold look. I am a huge fan of strong verbiage on shirts, given that it's tasteful. I am personally really picky with what type I will wear, but I couldn't resist this tee. This shirt says "Girls invented punk rock not England." I got it when I studied abroad in London at the Sex Pistols anniversary exhibit. It's a recreation of the shirt Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth famously wore.

I am also obsessed with all things and everything suede, as well as A-line skirts. For a girl with curves, waist accentuation is a must. I feel uncomfortable in clothing that doesn't fall at the waist. A solid suede skirt is easy to pair with just about anything--band tees, bralettes, or blouses. As someone who owns way too many band tees, I am crazy about pairing them with a great skirt. Pair it with some killer booties and you're set.

Speaking of Kim Gordon, check out Sonic Youth's flawless version of Ca Plane Pour Moi. A classic.

Stay curious,

Audrey Renee

Find this look here:

Photography by Sarah Howard

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