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Smart Layering

Is that time of year where you can stack on the layers. This happens to be my favorite part about getting dressed—mixing and matching different layers of clothing pieces. Fortunately this is the prime time for getting creative with layers.

For this look I started with a base piece that would match pretty much anything. I love this super soft tunic sweater from Old Navy. I used a cropped camp jacket from Urban Outfitters to add a subtle touch of print interest. Lastly I looked for a longer outer piece and improvised with this oversized knit cardigan from Forever 21. It’s so thick I even wear it as a coat sometimes. The varying lengths really add a creative eye catching vibe. I think all of these pieces are super important staple items to keep in your closet, including the basic white converse. They can easily layer with just about anything and are timeless pieces.. I am all about the timeless pieces that can be reused and reduce fashion waste.

My current music obsession is Joywave's latest album. I recently had the privilege of seeing them at the new venue in KC, The Truman. They never disappoint. Give them a listen here:

Happy layering days!

Stay Curious,

Audrey Renee

Recreate my look with these suggestions:

Photos by Tiffany Schmidt

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