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I can’t believe Christmas is over and 2017 is coming to an end! I personally can’t say I’m sad to see it go, however there were so many amazing moments that I’m so glad I had the privilege to experience.

I definitely can see how much I’ve evolved through my style and blogging. I hope to continue to stay dedicated and keep making improvements in the upcoming year.

I’m currently obsessed with anything in the shade dusty pink, overalls, and my old school Vans. I’ve been rocking these babies since elementary school, so the comeback they’ve made is a love-hate situation for me. The great thing about overalls is that they can literally be worn with anything. It’s kitschy cute and brings back a 90s grunge vibe. This coat is a steal from Old Navy. When I saw it I fell in love with the pink boucle.

One of my favorite bands of 2017 is undoubtedly Turnover. I recently got to see them play at the Bottleneck in Lawrence and they were stellar. I couldn’t help but buy this long sleeve from their merch table. if you haven’t listened to their latest album Good Nature I highly recommend it! It has a very different sound than their previous album Peripheral Vision, but still hits home. Take a listen here:

Stay Curious,

Audrey Renee

Recreate my look with these suggestions:

Photos by the amazing Brittany Bailey. To shoot with her you can find her on Instagram @brittanymbailey4 or her website

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Take a glimpse through my looking glass with curations of my own personal style and my endeavors as a young fashion designer. 

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